Farida Khelfa: Make-up is essential

Farida Khelfa

Farida Khelfa thinks women should “always” wear make-up.

The former catwalk model has worked with some of the world’s most esteemed designers including Jean Paul Gaultier and Azzedine Alaïa.

Farida is now the ambassador of Schiaparelli, and believes women should make an effort with their appearance.

“A well-dressed woman should always wear a perfect dress and shoes,” she explained in an interview with the Huffington Post, before adding: “Women should always put on light make-up.”

Farida also revealed the biggest misconception about herself, claiming people think she is tough “when I am really the opposite!”

The French star laughed about the lack of compliments she has received throughout her impressive career.

“The best thing that’s been said about me… I don’t know, I still have not heard it!” she giggled.

In the interview, Farida explained that Botox is “not for [her]” adding that she wouldn’t try the cosmetic procedure “even if [she] needed it”.

Farida also shared her preferences on the opposite sex. The fashion muse has strict rules when it comes to men, and says a gentleman should “never be rude”.

“A well-dressed man should wear a perfectly tailored suit like Fred Astaire,” she continued.

The actress was reflective about her answers in the short profile, adding that she believes happiness is a “perpetual quest”.

The fashion muse also explained that in the end “we all seek for love”.

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