Liam Hemsworth in awe of Amber

Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth says Amber Heard is “scary and intelligent”.

The two stars appear in Paranoia together, a dramatic thriller directed by Robert Luketic.

Amber plays the super clever Emma Jennings, which isn’t too far removed from her actual personality.

“Amber’s character in the film is extremely intelligent and a little scary, and I would say she’s pretty close to that in real life,” he laughed to Collider.

The movie focuses on a successful corporation and an entry-level employee told to spy on his boss’ old mentor.

Amber enjoyed playing a powerful woman with real depth.

“Part of why I like this character, Emma, is that she’s her own woman. She’s independent,” she explained.

“I tend to like that in characters — a strength, an independence, a quality that sets them apart from their male counterparts, which is not the easiest thing to do in this business. When you can find a strong character and a director that does want to protect the integrity of all characters, female and male, then you have a good deal. That’s what I found on this one.”

Liam plays the part of Adam Cassidy, who has to take on the role of a spy.

He thinks the character’s ambition to get ahead is easy for anyone to understand.

“This is a completely different film than anything I’ve done before. What I initially related to was this kid has something that everyone can relate to. He’s trying to climb the ladder. He’s starting at the bottom, and he’s been at the bottom for a while, and he’s fed up with being there,” Liam said.

“He’s at the point where he’s got big ideas and big hopes, and they don’t get him anywhere. All of a sudden, he’s caught in a position where he’s being told to do something that he wouldn’t normally do. And then, he starts going down this road, and he starts buying into the whole life, and the power, and he gets a taste for it.”

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