Liam Hemsworth helped by Harrison

Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth’s Paranoia co-stars were great “team players”.

The actor stars in the drama about a young employee at a large corporation, who faces risky challenges to get ahead at work.

Movie legends Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford also star in the thriller and helped Liam to get the best out of his lead role.

“We came aboard around the same time and it was exciting to hear they were a part of it, but a little intimidating, because I had to carry this film,” Liam admitted to Collider.

“They couldn’t have been more helpful; they’re real team players and they really cared about what I was doing. They wanted to help me out as much as they could; they were always so helpful. It was nice to work with guys who have made so many films and see that they really care about it. They make movies for all the right reasons, and that’s why they have such good careers.”

In the movie, Liam plays Adam Cassidy, who is an ace with technology and uses gadgets to spy on his boss’ old mentor.

Liam isn’t quite so savvy with technology in real life.

“I’m average; I would say that I’m not a genius at computers or anything like that – the bare minimum,” he said.

“My phone is my number one piece of technology I rely on. I try to do as much time as I can without it and not always think: ‘Where’s my phone? I need my phone.’ When I go on holiday or have dinner or am around people I try to put my phone away and not think about it too much.”

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