Broiled Fresh Figs with Honey, Blue Cheese and Walnuts

Amy Tobin Broiled Fresh Figs with Blue Cheese, Honey and Walnuts

Fresh figs are a mild mannered version of their dried brethren. You can find black mission  (the sweetest fig of all), brown turkey figs (a little less sweet and milder) during the season. For more on figs, click here.

While figs are in season in early summer, the main crop comes in late summer and runs into the fall. Look for plump, slightly wrinkled figs that have a bend to the stem. Avoid any that are shriveled or squishy. Eat them soon after purchasing them. The refrigerator will hold them a bit longer but diminishes their flavor.  They require gentle handling.

Figs pair beautifully with many flavors including bacon, mascarpone, blue cheese, honey, balsamic vinegar, walnuts and port or sherry.

Try these little bites that combine honey, blue cheese and walnuts with a hint of black pepper.