Marant: My clothes are best

Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant always wears her own clothes.

The designer founded her French house of fashion in the mid ’90s and has recently signed up to create a line for high street store H&M.

Isabel joked she is often dressed in her own label’s styles because she gets the garments for free.

“I always wear my own clothes,” she laughed to the Wall Street Journal. “My sweatshirt I got in LA, but the rest is Isabel Marant, like 99 per cent of my wardrobe. I get a good discount. She’s very nice to me. I don’t dress up every day. I wear a sweatshirt and a trouser, like most people. From this starting point, [I ask myself], ‘How do I make this silhouette fashionable and stylish?'”

Isabel is inspired by everyday women she sees on the street. She combines this with her own personal tastes when creating her line. The French style icon believes if she adores a garment, then usually the rest of the world will too.

“It’s about the women surrounding me; I look at how women in the street wear things. I’ve never been inspired by a muse – that’s a fantasy,” she reflected.

“Usually my favorite is what is going to sell. It’s rare that something I really love doesn’t sell. It honestly almost never happens. With the sneakers [wedged], I knew it was something. I said, ‘That’s going to be a hit.’ I can feel it when I do something right, and I can feel it when I do something only so-so. During my entire career I’ve done maybe five pieces like this. It’s rare – when it happens your heart is beating.”

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