Shopping Secrets You Need to Know

shopping-secrets-retailers-don't-want-you-to-knowBelieve it or not, retailers are well aware of our shopping patterns and habits. Retailers not only hire outsider companies to track consumers shopping habits, but retailers also rely on the psychological research that has been provided through studies on how various types of consumers shop.

Did you know that stores actually arrange their merchandise a certain way based on what they believe is most appealing to you? After doing research for this article, I see what they mean! For example, I made a quick stop to Marshall’s to see if they had any red-colored jeans for a good price. My intention was to only go in for that very reason however, Marshall’s knows their target market well; woman who are fashionable and like a good deal. Of course, right when I walked into the store, there were all these adorable shoes displayed on a table with a big red clearance sign. I couldn’t pass this up! Yes, I ended up buying a pair of shoes… but this is my example of how stores arrange merchandise specific to their target demographic.

Here’s another interesting fact. Studies that’ve been conducted on shoppers found that when people enter a store, they are most likely to start their browsing on the right side of the store. Retailers are familiar with this pattern. They make sure to take advantage by putting all the tempting and hot new trends right there in the front right side of the store. You may even find that the music is louder and the lights are brighter in that area too, all to help attract you over even if you are not a “right-oriented” shopper.

While speaking of clearance, take note that usually that usually clothing sizes are all jumbled together, everything’s a bit unorganized and it’s scattered throughout the store. Of course there are few exceptions but, that too is usually purposeful so you will instead shop in the neatly organized full price merchandise.

And lastly, stay clear of impulse items, which are the little things around the registers that just scream, “Buy me, I am not that expensive!” But after a few impulse item purchases, you’ll realize, those little things add up! Just remember what you went into the store for and resist from indulging in these little trinkets stores like to call ad-ons.

So what is a shopper to do with all these tempting displays and perfectly arranged stores?

Here are a few tips I found helpful when shopping:

  • Always go shopping prepared. Make a list of what you intended to buy and stick with that.
  • Avoid impulse items around the registers. If you feel like you just need to have something not on your list, ask yourself if it is really necessary.
  • If you are heading into a store to check out the clearance, hit the clearance racks first. That way, when you do go to look at the full price merchandise after checking out the markdowns, you will have a frame of reference, knowing what’s a good deal and what isn’t.
  • Make sure to give yourself plenty of time. Shopping while in a rush will lead to making rash decisions. Also you want to have the time to be able to dig through all the unorganized clearance goodies, right?
  • Pay with cash and make a budget. You are less likely to make impulse purposes paying with cash and if you only have so much of it, you’ll be sure to spend it more wisely. When you have spent all your cash, that means it is time to stop shopping.