Five Tips for Sporting White after Labor Day

White-after-labor-dayWhite after Labor Day. It’s a topic no one really puts too much thought into, right?

Okay, maybe extreme fashionistas.

But I’ll admit, I often find myself mid-September layering on  white without putting much thought into it and even seems like it’s just a figment of fashions past!

But let’s first back up.Where did this urban legend or fashion rule even start and why aren’t we supposed to wear white after Labor Day?

I found a few reasons as to how this “no white after Labor Day” rule even came to be.

In the early 20th century, many well-to-do Americans who lived in the city would often travel to “summer” homes leaving the metropolitan lifestyle in the city. Their “summer” home fashion consisted of dressing in light, white fabrics to help stay cool. Once returning back to the city, they would pack away all traces of the white clothing that was worn throughout the summer. Labor Day just happened to mark the end of that time frame. Years went by and the trend then translated into the middle class population in the 1950′s & 1960′s then eventually to most everyone.

The other reason — practicality. For centuries, wearing white in the summer was just another way to stay cool. In a time without air conditioning, there weren’t halter tops and t-shirts for people to run around in. The majority of the population used to wear what we would now consider formal clothing and since most lighter-weight fabrics were white, that’s just what was worn.

It seems like the “don’t wear white after Labor Day rule” has subsided and it lives long past its shelf date; the first Monday in September. Really, white is seen all over the place after Labor Day; from the runway to casual wear in department stores.

Either way you look at it, many fashion rules are made to be broken. So below are five tips to help you stay on the right track in your post-labor day white attire:

1. Pair your whites with darker colors

White can be paired with any darker-colored clothing in the winter and still look stunning. Think about a white scarf to freshen up what would be a rather dark outfit. You could also trying choosing one white piece in your closet and pair it with a darker piece, since layering is popular. I’m thinking a  white tank would look great under a dark sweater or cardigan.

2. Chose heavier-weight fabrics

Linens and super light cottons won’t really keep you warm during the upcoming chilly months–plus they just read spring/summer. But if you have to wear those lightweight weight summer tops, try to incorporate heavier darker colored pieces, such as a dark blazer.

3. Choose Winter Whites
Off-white is usually referred to as winter whites. Think cream colored, beige and light nude colors. These color choices can look stunning and compliment your fall-colored wardrobe.

4. Accessorize in white


If you chose to remain conservative in your fashionable habits and still don’t agree with wearing white post Labor Day, try wearing white accessories or wear white nail polish or eyeliner.

5. Wear a White Blazer or Jacket


If you really love white and can’t stand to part with it during the winter months, think about investing in a white blazer or white trench coat. There are endless possibilities when it comes to white jackets in various materials from wool to leather. White jackets are perfect for breaking that fall or winter chill and can often look fabulous paired next to a darker colored pant, such as deep brown, burgundy or black. Or as pictured above on Kate Beckinsale- with jeans and gray accessories.

What are your thoughts on wearing white after Labor Day? I’m kind with the idea that it doesn’t really make a difference but we’d love to hear your thoughts!