Holly Fulton ‘treasures’ tapes

Holly Fulton’s old mix tapes are a “treasured thing.”

The Scottish designer is known for her signature graphic prints and her new collection is no different.

Inspired by her nostalgia for the 1980s, one prominent print is that of the humble tape cassette.

“We found some of these early Maxell cassettes you used to record yourself when you made mixes off the radio. They are a treasured thing – I found a tape I must have recorded over 40-50 times,” she told British newspaper The Telegraph

Her older brother and an old hobby he had also made a big impact on the collection.

When the pair were younger he’d collect fanzines – a nonofficial publication produced by admirers of a particular cultural phenomenon.

“There is an excitement connected to when you got them when you were younger, a kind of feverishness about collecting them. I can really relate to that. I was inspired by the graphics within them,” she said.

“The cheap printing where you get that half-tone spot effect which you get a lot, and collaging objects. It was the first time we fused photographic elements mixed in with the hand-drawn prints I do. It was a new way of working for us.”

The colours that make up the new line are mostly reds, blacks and whites.

There are also bold photo prints of bright red lipsticks, which she explained reflects the era she is trying to capture.

“It’s what you put on when you go to see your favourite band. There are safety pins because it was all a bit punky back then,” she said.

Holly will present her new line at London Fashion Week on September 14.

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