Sofía ‘scared’ of Woody

Sofía Vergara

Sofía Vergara found Woody Allen “intimidating.

The Columbian actress stars opposite the 77-year-old actor in upcoming comedy film Fading Gigolo. She plays New York socialite Selima, who turns to Woody’s pimp character Murray to help boost her sex life.

Although she is known for her humorous acting, most famously on TV show Modern Family, Sofia felt the need to impress the infamous filmmaker and screen star.

“At first it was very intimidating. When you think about that too much the fear gets the best of you while you’re trying to be good and funny. But the pleasure comes through soon after that. Plus, in the first scene I had so many things to do,” she told Collider.

“So I was focusing on all these things at once while staying in character and also trying hard not to laugh at Woody because my character was not in a position for that in the beginning. But he is such a charming person.”

After her nerves settled, Sofía found she and the award-winning director were able to bond more. She also noticed how the atmosphere was different acting alongside Woody rather than being directed by him, which made her feel more at ease.

“I think he’s in a different position acting than he is directing, so whatever you felt in that room auditioning, I never felt while we were acting together. We spoke about music together and everything. It was lovely,” she recalled.

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