Wilde’s romance Rush

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde enjoyed exploring “reckless romance” in Rush.

The actress stars as Suzy Miller in the high-octane drama about Formula 1 drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda and their dangerous rivalry.

Playing the wife of the late James – portrayed by Chris Hemsworth – was interesting for British star Olivia, who enjoyed delving into their complicated relationship.

“Suzy was a successful model in the ‘70s and she was kind of a social woman in London and a very popular and beautiful woman. She ran in the same circles as James Hunt. Suzy became James’ first wife at the peak of his career. She was gloriously glamorous and had been warned against James, but he wooed her and they ended up getting married and they had this kind of whirlwind romance, and they loved each other,” she explained to Flicks and Bits.

“They had a lot of respect for each other and they loved each other but it was unsustainable and James had a lot of demons and stress and it didn’t work out. But she was very much in love with him and I think he with her. I think Suzy and James are an example of the reckless, romantic, optimistic, behavior of the time.”

Rush follows the highs and lows of James’ career and also the breakdown of his marriage.

Olivia can understand why things went wrong for the high-profile couple.

“Suzy is everything James would have wanted at that high point of his career, when everything was exciting and new,” she explained.

“Then, as time goes on, things become more difficult. They have to grow up, and we see Suzy become more conscious of what she needs in order to be happy. She can’t live for James and take care of him as he needs. She has to take care of herself.”

Rush is directed by Ron Howard and also stars Daniel Brühl as Niki.

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