Affleck scared to sing

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck was afraid to even hum around Justin Timberlake.

The actor stars alongside the singer in new film Runner Runner and sometimes felt insecure about his talent.

Ben was fully aware that Justin can not only take on screen roles but belt out a great tune too.

“You don’t want to sing around Justin or hum a song,” he told Extra TV. “You realize that’s what the guy is a genius at and you know he’s sitting there thinking you sound like s**t.”

However the former ‘N Sync star was just thrilled to be able to collaborate with Ben on his latest flick.

Ben has recently been cast as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel and Justin is sure he will do an amazing job.

“I was stoked to work with Ben, especially at this point in his career,” he said, adding that the thespian will make a “great Batman”.

However the pop star denied wanting to team up with Ben on his Batman vs. Superman flick.

Previous reports suggested he was adamant about playing The Riddler.

“No, no, no,” he said about portraying the villain in the upcoming motion picture. “Fanboys rejoice. I have no aspirations of that.”

Brad Furman helmed Runner Runner sees Justin as Princeton University student Richie who gets enticed into becoming corrupt online poker website owner Ivan’s protégé.

Then an FBI agent, played by Anthony Mackie, starts to use Richie to bring down Ben’s character Ivan.

“I think we all feel like for a movie like this, of the thriller genre, it felt like it’s a real intelligent take,” Justin told Entertainment Tonight. “What I love about this movie the most is that of the genre, I feel like the writers made the characters really intelligent, so you don’t know who’s duping who. Ben and I had a great time together.”

Runner Runner is released in cinemas from next week.

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