Beauty through the ages: The ‘80s

'80s beauty

The 1980s were a bold, loud and colorful era full of daring looks.

From big bouffant hair to garish eye shadow and stripy blusher, the beauty trends dominating the decade weren’t exactly for the shy and retiring but invited young women to have fun and experiment with their look.

Madonna, pop queen of reinvention, reigned supreme and inspired many an outrageous trend, while music icon Grace Jones was working an equally fierce look. Princess Diana, Brooke Shields and Meg Ryan were also hugely influential but favored a more natural approach.

A standout look of the ‘80s was bright and colorful eye makeup featuring all the shades of the rainbow.

Renowned make-up artist Lisa Eldrige, who recently styled an 80s-inspired look for a photo shoot with super model Lara Stone, revealed on her website how to create an updated version of the retro look.

“Because this is 80s makeup I feel like I need to have blue in there somewhere, so I’m using a fluidline [like Mac Paintpot in Pure Creation] as a base before I put the shadows on. Just blend it over the lid and it’ll give more intensity to the shadow,” she explains.

Choosing Inglot’s Royal Blue shade to continue, she proceeds by pressing the color into the liner for a rich, metallic finish, taking the edges off by blending them in with a soft shadow brush like Suqqus’s Eyeshadow Brush M.

“Next, apply a Black Track fluid liner with an angled brush to build up a winged shape and fill it out with a matte black powder like RMK’s Ingenious Powder Eyes in Black DK01,” Lisa continues.

Again, the renowned makeup artist recommends to soften the edges by blurring it with a brush.

After lining the lower waterline with black eyeliner, she adds more black RMK Powder Eyes to underneath the lower lash line to intensify the effect. To finish the winged effect, blend the ends of the lower and upper eyeliner together and extend towards your temples. Use a copper shade like Bourjois Intense Extrait 08 on the outer corner just above the blue shadow to blend in with the blusher. Then, add dramatic color and volume to your lashes with a fat-brush mascara. Lisa recommends 17 Blow Out Volumize Tease Mascara in black.

A final touch of Inglot’s red AMC eye shadow in shade 51 applied to the inner corner of your eyes finishes off the 80’s look.

“Because blusher was such a big thing in the ‘80s, there’s been nothing quite like it before or since in terms of how much blush, the shades and also the shape. The shape was really sculptural, so the very strong stripes of color coming down onto the cheekbones – there wasn’t too much blending going on, “ Lisa said while applying Mac Powder Blush in Frankly Scarlet and Sheer Tone Shimmer blush in Breezy. “It was really about getting killer cheekbones, not to look natural, ever. It was more about the incredible color. It was all about being brought high up on the temples as well. The shades would be quite bright reds, very burnt corals and shimmery coppers – everything that stood out on the skin.”

While brows weren’t as groomed as they are now and often left quite messy, a high arc shape was preferred in the ‘80s. Lisa advises to use an eyebrow brush, like the Boots No7 Lash and Brow brush to comb unruly hairs into submission and add shape and definition with a brow color like Mac’s Eyebrows Stud.

The final touches for this look are a glossy red pout with matching nails.

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