Frame your face

Frame your face

Make an impact with your hair this season with blendable colors that frame your face.

That’s the advice from top colorist Jade Blackley at the Errol Douglas Salon who says tonal ‘framing’ is the best technique for creating a glowing, glossy finish.

“Face framing is basically subtle colors literally painted on selected parts of the hair around the face to warm and attune with shape, tone and complexion,” says Jade.

“It’s what’s behind that indiscernible, ‘you look really well’ comment – subtle color big impact.”

While colored hair can look fabulous, it does take some up-keep if you want your locks to look salon-fresh.

But what’s the best way to maintain a heavenly-hued mane?

“My biggest tip is to gloss, gloss and gloss some more,” says Jade.

“Great color is boosted by the condition, and I’m a big advocate of the color gloss, applied clear to completely lift a color for up to six washes.

“It’s a great “in between visits” solution, particularly for brides the week before the big day.

Jade says it’s important to remember that the first 48 hours between a salon color and washing at home is all-important.

It allows the hair to settle in the hair strands so that the gloss achieved is locked in.

“I say to clients, “get the gloss, keep the gloss,” it’s a simple rule that really protects the end result,” she adds.

Jade insists that products marketed for colored hair are no novelty.

“Specialist products aren’t just a cute theme – the right ones contain crucial sealants and are sulphate-free.

“Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo & Conditioner are potent and only a little is required, great but effective value,” she adds.

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