Emma and Christoph for Tarzan

Emma Stone

Christoph would be playing a villain in the adventure film, opposite Alexander Skarsgård as Tarzan.

Emma is the top contender for the role of Jane, with Margot Robbie and Jessica Chastain also being considered according to Variety.

The movie will be made by Warner Bros. and directed by David Yates. Jerry Weintraub and Alan Riche are producing while Mike Richardson and Yates will be executive producers.

Although the studio is still awaiting the go-ahead, Warner Bros. wanted to present a full cast to the greenlight committee. A decision is likely to be made in November with production starting in summer 2014.

Writers Marianne Wibberley, John August and Adam Cozad have all worked on the script.

Christoph won an Oscar for his 2012 role in Django Unchained, where he plays a hero. Emma’s last big-budget feature was Gangster Squad.

Emma enjoyed making the film, especially as she was the love interest to Sean Penn.

“My character essentially is like the forgotten girl on his arm a lot of the time. So, I said a line to him,” Emma told Screen Rant. “But for the most part, he’s kind of doing his business while I’m off to the side. So, I was watching him more than anything. So, however you feel as an audience is how I felt as an actor!”

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