Amy Tobin fell in love with food as a young girl and began throwing her first dinner parties in high school. She’s come a long way since then, entertaining staffers from Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines, interviewing Paula Deen, developing recipes for Gold Star Chili, writing a cookbook and creating the on-air segment “Amy’s Table” on Q102.

But her most meaningful accomplishment (besides her kids, of course), is her consulting business, Taramy Enterprises. “I’ve built it into something that makes me both proud and happy,” says Amy. “I love working creatively with brands on food and lifestyle projects.”

Amy’s been sharing her passion for food, entertaining and living well on Q102 since 2005. Some “living well” tips she takes to heart? Exploring Cincinnati’s beautiful parks – particularly the trails in Sharon Woods, honing her talent for fishing and spending quality time with her husband Rob, son Sean and daughter Katie, plus their two cats, Bella and Tom (“Though Tom may actually be a dog. We’re not sure.”).

Mmmmmm! Lasagna with White Sauce

Lasagna Bolognese

This is not my “usual”  lasagna. I only make it when I crave something creamy, gentle, comforting and a wee bit decadent.

After assembling a fairly classic lasagna  made with an easy (not terribly authentic) bolognese,  envelop the entire lasagna with a Parmesan-laced béchamel sauce.

When you need a meal that takes care of more than filling one’s belly, try this.

Click here for the recipe