Build the perfect bath

Build the perfect bath

As the colder weather draws in you can’t wait to get home and into the warmth after a hard day’s work. If you want that added touch of relaxation, how about running yourself a luxurious hot bath? Whether you have dry skin, sensitive skin or are simply blessed with normal there are plenty of products which will help create the perfect soak.

If you suffer from dry or sensitive skin an oatmeal bath will soothe your irritation. For this sensational feeling you’ll need: half a cup of plain fine oatmeal, a quarter of a cup of small lavender buds for that soothing smell (with a drop of oil for extra if you fancy) and if you want to go all out, add half a cup of milk.

Mix the oats and lavender in a bowl, ensuring there are no clumps, and then add a few specks of your oil. Transfer the scented mixture into a muslin cloth (or coffee filter bag if you have one) before tying it with string, a rubber band or ribbon. Once secure simply run a relatively hot bath, pouring the milk into the tub underneath the tap as it fills up. Add your magical bag to the far end of the bath and allow the scents and oats to disperse. When you dip your toe in you won’t want to leave.

If you want a similar feeling but don’t have the ingredients to create it you can always use Intense Dry Skin Range by Aveeno Bath & Shower Oil. This product contains oatmeal and will cleanse and moisturize your skin until you forget what the dryness felt like.

You may have sensitive skin but just fancy something quick and effortless to soothe you. Sensitive Skin Bubble Delight Bubble Bath by Avon is just the thing to use. With a scent of chamomile and freesia, this lovely liquid will give you that extravagant feeling without the cost. It also comes in a liter bottle so you don’t have to worry about using it regularly and running out as a little goes a very long way.

With normal skin you have an enormous range of choices to try out until you find one which is meant for you. But before you begin, here are some which have made a name for themselves.

Origins Ginger Float Cream Bubble Bath will give you a fresh finish and make all your aches and pains from a busy day float away. With scents of pungent Ginger, zesty lemon and Bergamot this soothing cream will make you feel at ease before you lie down for a well-deserved night’s sleep.

Sticking to the natural ingredients is The Body Shop’s Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt. This mouth-watering gooey mixture is made from Community Fair Trade honey and is guaranteed to create a frothy, bubbly tub of heaven. You’ll also notice your skin will feel extra silky and glossy after bathing in this affordable product.

A long soak is just one of the ways to help you unwind before hitting the hay so discovering a product which works for you will work wonders when it comes to sleeping well and feeling well-rested in the morning.

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