Conrad’s clothes connection

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad feels “connected” to her clothes.

The reality TV star has carved a career in fashion, with a clothing line and lifestyle blog.

Having recently moved in with her new fiancé William Tell means the 27-year-old had to have a sort through her closet and get rid of any unwanted items.

It’s not a task the pretty blonde found easy.

“I went through my entire wardrobe, and anything I hadn’t worn in a year I set aside. Then I went through that pile. There are some things that are special occasion pieces, but anything that you’re ready to step away from, just donate it,” she told

“The stuff that I was still a little iffy about, I put into suitcases and just stored them. If I don’t go into my suitcases over the next six months, I get rid of it.

“I have a weird connection with my clothes, so it’s hard! I was a little bit upset when I had to get rid of some things. But you just have to go through and decide what you’re wearing, what you’re not, and what you’re missing.”

Lauren won over many fashion fans with her outfits on Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills.

With Halloween coming up, the star is already thinking about possible costumes.

“Last year I did Mary Poppins, and I just ordered a little red bowtie. My girlfriend owns the umbrella with the parrot head. And I owned the hat,” she revealed.

“Once I was a ghoul, like a ghost, I just went and bought yards and yards of tulle. I made a dress out of it. I’m trying to figure out a different way to wear it this year because I liked it so much. Two years before I made a bluebird costume out of ostrich feather boas sewing them onto a little bodysuit. I basically just make costumes for children [then wear them].”

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