Moss: Make-up changes me

Kate Moss

Kate Moss says make-up can change your personality.

The British model attended an event to celebrate 180 years of Rimmel last week. She has been an ambassador for the beauty brand for many years, and believes cosmetics can transform a person.

“Make-up is a really powerful way of expressing who you are,” she is quoted as saying by British newspaper The Telegraph. “You can change your personality with make-up.”

Fellow Rimmel representatives Georgia May Jagger and Rita Ora were also present at the glitzy party in London. The bash celebrated the company’s most iconic moments since it began in 1834 and featured a runway show.

Kate is proud to have been associated with Rimmel for such a long time.

“My relationship with Rimmel started 12 years ago and it’s been a great relationship,” she smiled.

“It started off with just I think like one campaign, and then it worked and we all got on. And then it grew from there and then it was a year, and then another you know, and now it’s 12 years. It’s amazing.”

The 39-year-old star also spoke about her favorite decades for beauty looks. Kate struggled to single out one period in time, admitting there was much to admire in years gone by.

“I love the ’20s, and the ’30s, and the ’60s and the ’70s and the ’90s,” she said. “If… I lived in the ’60s, I could go to Marrakesh and laze around and be you know that Talitha Getty hippy deluxe thing. That’s the kind of lifestyle I’d like to lead.”

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