Smooth legs for longer

Smooth legs for longer

Just because the sun has gone doesn’t mean we should neglect our legs. There are still plenty of opportunities to show them off during a night out and you don’t even have to shave them regularly to make them look smooth and silky. By using certain hair removal products you can leave them for a lot longer than you realize, which means you have no excuses not to wear a mini skirt or dress for a party. So put your razor down and reach for one of the following products.

Nad’s is a brand which aims to give you stubble-free skin with minimal effort. Their Moisturizing Hair Removal Crème is made from natural ingredients, such as avocado and olive oil and you’ll be finished in no time. Spread the cream evenly over the area you wish to target and leave for five minutes before testing. This product is also available in sensitive form for those whose skin flares up easily. The great thing about this cream is it comes with a built-in exfoliating hair removal pad, which you can use in the shower.

Sabi Hair Removal Cream is another creation which has received rave reviews. It reduces hair re-growth to enable you to feel more comfortable getting your legs out. This cream dissolves hair in five to seven minutes and can be rinsed or rubbed off with a flannel. To keep the hair re-growth slow, why not try Sabi’s delayer cream afterwards, which has been proven to keep legs smooth for up to 21 days.

Waxing is also an option if you want to remove all traces of stubble. Because of the cycle of hair – growing, resting then shedding – the first wax can last up to two weeks. However, the more regularly you remove the hair, (every two to four weeks) the longer it will disappear; even up to six weeks. It also stunts the hair follicle and can reduce the overall growth.

Acorelle’s Sugar Wax – Yang Flower will give you the finish you want without the pain or after burn. This pack comes with paper strips, which can be washed and re-used once the product has finished. Because of the moisturizing properties included in the wax, your skin will feel extremely soft afterwards. Using the spatula provided smooth on a very thin layer in the direction of the hair growth, before pulling off the strips the same way. If you’re unsure about how much to apply, you can order the Lemon format, which includes a roll-on applicator to ensure the wax is the perfect thickness.

Parissa 2in1 Roll-On comes with a roller which glides the gel over your skin to ensure a mess-free process. All you need to do is heat the roller up, slide it gently across your legs and whip the strips off with the excess hair.

Once your legs are hair free, apply a moisturizer – preferably one which minimizes hair re-growth such as Veet’s with Aloe Vera, or Laidbare – and ensure you use it as part of your hair removal routine.

You’re then ready to hit those Halloween and Christmas parties in something short and sparkly without a care in the world.

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