Statham: I’m winging it

Jason Statham

Jason Statham is “winging” his career.

The Expendables star skyrocketed to fame after landing a role in Guy Ritchie’s 1998 comedy thriller Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels but he’s never had any formal training.

“I’m still winging it now to a certain degree,” he told Prestige Hong Kong magazine.

“I’m not the sort of actor who’s spent hours in drama school or with an acting teach or anything like that. I sort of just throw myself in at the deep end with a certain amount of commitment to the part.”

Jason, 46, admitted he thought about taking acting lessons earlier in his career. The idea was soon squashed by Guy, who encouraged him to rely on his instinct instead.

“He was the one who encouraged me not to go to drama school,” Jason said.

“I had no experience as an actor in any shape or form. But he said ‘Look, there are two types of actors: the ones that have a technique and they hone that technique, and then there are others that are more of an instinctual sort of actor. And I think you’d be better off just going for that instinctual place and not try to clone yourself in doing what everyone else is doing.'”

The advice seems to have paid off. Jason not only has several blockbusters under his belt, but he’s also booked several projects through next year.

The action hero is currently filming his next project, Fast & Furious 7, and he’s looking forward to delving into more meaty material.

“We have a terrific director, James Wan. And we’ve got Tony Jaa – who I’m a huge fan of – he’s a very gifted martial artist and action movie hero. It’s everything you can expect from this franchise,” he said.

The film is scheduled for release next summer.

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