New Bourne release date

Jeremy Renner

The fifth Bourne film has finally got a release date for summer 2015.

The sequel to The Bourne Legacy will be directed by Justin Lin and Jeremy Renner is returning as Aaron Cross, reports Moviefone.

The official US release date has been set as August 14, 2015.

Justin is known for his involvement in the Fast and Furious franchise, having directed the last four installments.

Frank Marshall is returning as a producer for the fifth Bourne film.

Jeremy has made it clear he loves the Aaron Cross character and was determined right from the start to make it unique.

According to the actor, taking on a new role in the franchise was exciting and challenging.

“I’m not playing Jason Bourne: that’s Matt Damon and always will be and he does it brilliantly,” Jeremy previously told UK newspaper The Telegraph.

“This is a new set of circumstances with a new character to tackle. Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross don’t know each other. The only pressure for me was to physically be able to do what was required of me.”

The Hurt Locker star took on many of the stunts, including fight scenes.

He admits to having been extremely tough on himself to get it right.

“I was confident enough that I was capable, but everything was challenging because I’m pretty hard on myself. No one was going to push me more than I was pushing myself,” Jeremy said.

Other movies due to be released in summer 2015 are Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Man of Steel sequel, and Jurassic World.

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