Kate Hudson’s haircut caution

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson wouldn’t “just do” a pixie cut.

The cropped style has been popular with celebrities recently, with both Jennifer Lawrence and Pamela Anderson going for the chop.

Actress Kate is famed for her flowing blonde locks and isn’t looking to part with them anytime soon.

“No, not for me. If I had to do it for a role maybe, but I wouldn’t just do a pixie,” she assured People StyleWatch.

“I like having long hair. I have one friend and she almost has a long buzz cut and she looks gorgeous. But I don’t how my ears would look in a pixie. I don’t know if it’s right for me.”

On the red carpet, the 34-year-old’s mane always looks super groomed and glossy.

However, she admits this isn’t down to her own hard work.

“I like a leave-in conditioner. My hair is a bit frizzy and curly in places, so I also use a Moroccan and Argan oil,” she explained.

“I can keep up with the make-up. The hair stuff, that’s a low point for me in terms of my ability. For a girl like me, Drybar’s a savior. I’m either in a bun or having someone else figure it out.”

While she might leave her mane to the professionals, Kate does like having a go at doing her own make-up.

Luckily her career means she’s picked up plenty of tips.

“I’ve spent so much time in make-up trailers at this point that none of it really confuses me,” she laughed.

“It’s more knowledge to me, and I’m always learning something new.

“I love lining the whole eye, even under the upper lid. It makes the eye pop in a way that’s not too heavy. Also, learning how to do eyebrows and making them symmetrical with highlighting techniques can actually change the frame of your face. And one of my favorites: Highlighting the contour of your lip to create dimension to your mouth. It’s all endless fun.”

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