Kick off the weekend with a Moscow Mule

World Beer

t seems like everywhere I look  Moscow Mules are on the menu.   And no wonder. A Moscow Mule is light and refreshing-  and easy to make at home.

The name leads you to believe there’s a “kick” but it’s actually a little tamer than that. The Moscow Mule hails back to the 1940′s when vodka was becoming popular in the US.  We were a country of gin drinkers so the name “Moscow Mule” is because the drink contained the Russian spirit.

Apparently Smirnoff gave out promotional copper cups for bartenders to serve the drink to their patrons.  The cup was cold and refreshing and gave the drink a beautiful glow.  Many people still serve the Moscow Mule in a copper cup,  but I have to say I don’t like drinking from a copper cup at all and will be making mine in glass from now on.

For my recipe, click here