5:30 a.m.-10 a.m. Monday-Friday

Jeff and Jenn have been waking up Cincinnati since 2002. You’d think that between the two of them, plus Fritsch, there would be quite a few cups of coffee in the studio. But for some reason it’s Sharpies that are the mainstay in the Q studio during those early morning hours.

One of Jenn’s favorite moments with Q was arranging the first Autism Speaks walk in Cincinnati when more than 3,000 people came out in the pouring rain to support families like hers who are living with autism. It’s being involved with events like this, as well as Bras Across the Bridge and the Cincinnati MDA Muscle Walk that make Jeff, Jenn and Fritsch so proud to call Q102 their radio home.

But when they’re not with Q, Fritsch loves taking in everything Cincinnati has to offer, from going to Bengals and Reds games to enjoying summer concerts at Riverbend. She especially loves her Skyline (“Extra hot sauce, please!”).

You’ll find Jenn most often hanging out with her awesome son, Jakob, or working on her many hidden talents which include tap dancing, belting out show tunes, fitting her whole fist in her mouth and knowing the number of every value meal at McDonald’s, Arby’s and Wendy’s.

A self-professed foodie, Jeff’s favorite place in Cincinnati is the chef’s table at Boca. Besides his love for food, he also possesses an uncanny sense of direction. “You can drop me anywhere in the country blindfolded,” he says. “I’ll always find my way back.” Sounds like a challenge!

6 ways to tell when someone is lying to you…

Nobody wants to admit it, but sometimes people LIE to you so they don’t hurt your feelings.  You should know it happens . . . because YOU do it too.

Here are the six phrases people use when they’re about to lie to you or say something harsh.  According to psychology experts, we use them because we feel like they distance us a little bit from the lie, which makes us feel better about it.

1.  “I want you to know.”  Example:  “I want you to know your new MILEY CYRUS haircut looks great.”

2.  “As far as I know.”  Example:  “As far as I know, everyone’s excited about your destination wedding in Outer Mongolia.”

3.  “I’m just saying.”  Example:  “I’m just saying, we don’t HAVE to follow the herd and do something special on Valentine’s Day.”

4.  “I hate to be the one to tell you.”  Example:  “I hate to be the one to tell you, but people are saying your PT Cruiser isn’t the pimpmobile you think it is.”

5.  “Don’t take this the wrong way.”  Example:  “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m not sure you’re the right person to give advice on body odor.”

6.  “To be perfectly honest with you.”  Example:  “To be perfectly honest with you, I’d give you any organ in my body.  But not, uh, until my schedule calms down.”