Winter blonde

Winter blonde

Highlighted hair is the perfect summer style, but do sun-kissed blonde locks work as well in the winter?

Thanks to the dull weather and low light this season, blonde tresses can sometimes look a bit flat and re-growth can appear worse than it would in the brighter summer months.

But before you reach for the dark hair dye, why not consider adding some tonal lowlights?

That’s the advice from celebrity hair colorist Lisa Shepherd.

“Although blonde hair is associated with the summer months, it can be a great color to brighten up colder days too,” says Lisa.

“Think less sun-kissed, just back from holiday look and more glowing.

“Take your shade down a couple of tones by asking your colorist to weave a dark blonde or light brown hue into your blonde mix,” she adds.

When going blonde, Lisa recommends keeping it as natural looking as possible by getting your colorist to work two or three different shades of blonde into the hair, as this will add depth and texture to your color.

“The last thing that you want is for it to look flat,” she says.

“The best colors to go for in the autumn and winter months are caramels, toffees and honeys, as they add warmth to paler complexions.”

Whatever look you decide to go for this season, Lisa says care is key.

“Make sure you keep your blonde in check with a silver shampoo to keep your color bright and stop it from going brassy,” she adds.

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