Kendrick still waiting for Pitch Perfect 2 script

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick is “banging down Universal’s door” for news on Pitch Perfect 2.

The 28-year-old actress confirms she has signed on to the film, but she still hasn’t seen the screenplay.

And according to Anna, the cast is getting restless waiting for the script to arrive.

“I’m so excited, there seems to be movement, it seems to be real,” she told Extra.

“We’re banging down the door at Universal for a script because we can’t wait to find out what happens.”

Deadline reported last week both Anna and Rebel Wilson have signed a deal with Universal Pictures and Gold Circle to reprise their original roles in the 2012 musical comedy. Elizabeth Banks is directing the sequel, and she may also act in the film as well.

Anna has plenty to do professionally while she waits for Pitch Perfect 2 to come together.

Last month she was a big hit at Sundance Film Festival, as the actress starred in over three films featured at the event.

“That was so cool,” she gushed, noting she is elated about all the quality projects she showcased at Sundance.

“In Happy Christmas I play an alcoholic mess. [The Voices with Ryan Reynolds] that’s like a genre-bending thing, it’s like funny, but also he is killing people. And at some point I’m kind of his girlfriend and I don’t realize that I’m dating a serial killer. So it’s like kind of funny and it’s super messed up and it’s kinda sad and scary.

“And in Life After Beth I do a cameo in and it’s so fun ‘cause I get to fight Aubrey Plaza, she’s playing a zombie.”

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