Christian Bale: I worry I'm talentless

Christian Bale often fears that his acting talent has “disappeared”.

The star won an Oscar for his turn in The Fighter in 2011 and has appeared in roles that range from Batman/Bruce Wayne to Moses in upcoming drama Exodus.

Despite his success in the film industry, the star often worries that everything he has now could one day be gone.

“And suddenly I have this feeling that my talent, this mysterious something-or-other, is gone forever. This panic normally lasts about an hour, a day at most,” he admitted to German magazine Neon.

“After that, everything is fine again. I love my job, but I also hate it. You can call it passion.”

The British actor was raised in various parts of the UK, including Surrey and Dorset.

He’s always been used to a nomadic lifestyle, but has changed since having daughter Emmeline with his wife Sandra Blažić in 2005.

Yesterday it was also announced that the pair are expecting their second child.

“Since becoming a father I need more of a constant in my life, more things I can rely on,” he revealed.

“My daughter is a strong character, a wonderfully stubborn thing, that has no problem with the fact that things are often a bit chaotic for us. But I know that’s not something to take for granted. My two sisters used to find that quite difficult. The constant moving around, the new houses, which were often full of boxes we hadn’t unpacked. They suffered because of that a lot more than I did.”

The Academy Award winner might live his life in the public eye, but big events are still a struggle for him.

When he’s on the red carpet it can be difficult for the 40-year-old, so he looks to stars with more confidence.

“I get the urge to just get out of there,” he confessed.

“But I’m very conscientious and I know that I’ve promised to walk across it. [George] Clooney is a good example. He’s very old school, with that classic charm. Watching people like him has really helped me. If I imitate them, I make it to the end of the carpet. And then I can relax again and be myself.”

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