Simon Kinberg: X-Men cast are excited

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Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart are the “emotional bookends” to X-Men: Days of Future Past.

The veteran actors return to their roles of Magneto and Professor Charles Xavier in the upcoming Marvel Comics movie. Their roles were played by Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy in the last movie X-Men: First Class, who also appear in the next installment.

Along with the two duos being reunited the next film features characters from lots of previous movies, such as Halle Berry’s Storm.

Screenwriter and producer Simon Kinberg came up with idea to bring all the mutants together. He remembers how excited the rest of the crew were about the big venture.

“After we were done with First Class, [writer] Matthew Vaughn and myself, and [director] Bryan [Singer] were talking about what we’d do for a sequel on the next adventure. Then we talked about using Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart as bookends to the movie – not like [we will in] Days Of Future Past, but as emotional bookends to the film,” Simon explained to

“We started developing that, and I started looking through comic books and thinking about what could be a cross-generational story, and I came upon Days Of Future Past, which is one of my favorite runs in the comic.

“Then I pitched that, and Bryan loved the idea, Matthew was excited, and the studio was excited. The thing that was daunting was getting the cast together – schedule-wise, deal-wise, all of that. All those logistics. But creatively, everybody got really excited about it. That was in about the spring of last year.”

The film switches between the past and present day as the audience follow the characters’ battles. Simon was keen to make the time change a big focus of the feature.

“I think the main theme of the film is, if you had the chance to do your life differently, would you do it?” he explained.

“And I think that is playing in Wolverine going back and giving a message from the future – it’s like any future movie, where you now have the choice. You know more than we knew about the world ahead. You can change, or you can stay on the course you’re on.”

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