Phoebe Philo on 'seductive' women

Emilia Clarke

Phoebe Philo thinks women of all sizes can be “seductive and sexy”.

The designer is currently the creative director of fashion hose Céline. At the end of last year she received an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in recognition for her services to fashion.

Although she understands why thin models are a focus in the industry, Phoebe doesn’t think women’s figures should be an issue away from the runway.

“I think it would be unrealistic to think that human beings are not going have some kind of worshipping for beautiful people, because they always have. It’s unrealistic to think that the fashion industry, the film industry, the sex industry are not going to have extreme ideas of beauty, as a way of selling themselves. I don’t really like it sometimes,” she explained to New York Magazine.

“What I do believe is that anybody, and it really doesn’t matter what shape your body is – anybody can be seductive and sexy and gorgeous and beautiful. I use an extreme idea of beauty as a way of showing Céline, but I don’t believe it has to be like that outside of a fashion show.”

Before her role at Céline, Phoebe worked at luxury fashion house Chloé. While she learned a lot from the company the British fashionista felt she needed more creative control to be satisfied with her job.

“The relationships I’ve had with the two main jobs I’ve had were very different. At Chloé, it was very clear from the beginning that there was a Chloé aesthetic, and my job was to continue doing that,” she recalled.

“I took that opportunity – and it was a great opportunity – but that’s what I did. And it’s one of the reasons why I left Chloé, because it was no longer what I wanted to spend my time doing. So it was absolutely clear that when I was going to go back and do something, then it was going to be absolutely what I believed in. I couldn’t work in a way where I was doing it to a brief, to somebody else’s brief.”

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