Kelly Rowland: I need my mole

Kelly Rowland is a big fan of moles.

The former Destiny’s Child singer fell in love with the facial feature after seeing pictures of Hollywood screen siren Marilyn Monroe.

The 33-year-old doesn’t have any natural moles on her face, so she draws one on every day.

“I like moles. I think they’re the cutest thing. It’s all Marilyn Monroe’s fault,” she told People magazine. “I remember one day seeing the black Duo glue that I put my lashes on with [and trying it on my face]. I let it dry and it was raised and everything. It was the cutest stinking mole, and I was sold. I never walk out of the house without a mole.”

Kelly doesn’t wear the mole in the same place each day. In fact, moving it around her face is a godsend when it comes to hiding imperfections.

“It can be anywhere on my face – it’s the forever moving mole. Now it’s over here,” she explained as she pointed to one side of her face. “I have a blemish, it’s helping me out.”

As well as her do-it-yourself marking, Kelly opened up about trying to color her own hair at home. It was a disastrous plan that resulted in her new bob hairstyle.

“I thought it was semi-permanent color. It was permanent color. I was packing up to leave for a red eye flight, and I thought that I’d have enough time to rinse it out,” Kelly explained. “I ended up keeping it in for almost two hours and the permanent color ate all of my hair. I went and reached for the back of my hair and it was all in my hand! So I went to my stylist the next day and said, ‘So, my hair’s broken off, I need you to fix it.’”

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