Weather-proof hair

Weather-proof hair

Everyone knows that rain plus humidity equals a deadly combination for hair. And as April brings with it the predictable onslaught of showers, it’s time to think about rainy day hair maintenance.

We caught up with session hair stylist Jenny Moreno to find out her top tips for weather resistant tresses.

“Prevention is better than cure when it comes to weather-proofing,” says star stylist Jenny, who has braved the elements at countless outdoor photo-shoots.

“I would recommend washing and conditioning your hair as usual, but then apply a couple of pumps of serum to towel dried hair before blow drying it dry.

“I love Moroccanoil and Kerastase Cristalliste is also good. Both of these products are non-greasy and fairly lightweight but they’ll leave hair lovely and shiny.

“Serum really keeps the frizz away all day while strengthening the hair at the same time.”

As anyone frizz-prone will know, the key to avoiding hair hell is to make sure you blow your tresses bone dry before stepping out. The general rule is to make sure absolutely no moisture is left in your locks.

“Let your hair cool completely before stepping out into the elements,” advises Jenny.

“This will ensure that your cuticle lays flat so water vapor can’t sneak its way in.”

Choosing the right rainy day style is vital too, says Jenny.

“I’m a big fan of sleek and chic buns. Whether it’s a top knot or even a slicked back low bun at the nape of the neck, you can’t go wrong.

“All you really need is a hair band and some pins for flyaways and a good hairspray to smooth everything out,” she adds.

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