Denzel Washington ‘like a scary panther’

Director Antoine Fuqua says Denzel Washington is “like a panther” on set.

The actor stars in Antoine’s new film The Equalizer, which centers on a former secret agent who is attempting to live quietly in the suburbs of Boston.

Antoine is impressed by the Academy Award-winner’s range, as Denzel was able to raise his energy tremendously within seconds.

“There’s a switch that [Denzel] turns on and that’s just scary,” the director told USA Today.

“There’s a sustained intensity even in casual mode, like a panther. If it’s turned against you, you’re going to be in a bad place.”

The plotline picks up when Denzel’s character Robert McCall meets a young girl named Teri, who is played by Chloë Grace Moretz.

When Teri is terrorized by villains, Robert reverts back to his spy ways to protect her.

Denzel, 59, performed some pretty fierce action sequences, but Antoine wasn’t surprised by the actor’s fight skills.

“He really hits those mitts,” Antoine said, explaining that Denzel trains in the boxing gym every day. “And you imagine what he’ll do to you. You might underestimate him. That’s your first mistake.

“His hand-to-hand work is pretty nasty when the monster comes out. We used what was around him. You’d be surprised what he can do with a corkscrew. You’ll never open a bottle of wine the same way again.”

The Equalizer will reach theaters in the fall.

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