Jessie J cuts caffeine

Jessie J has cut coffee and meat out of her diet.

The Price Tag singer has been on a health kick in recent months, toning up her slender physique and following a healthy eating plan. To help her feel fitter, 26-year-old Jessie has culled certain foods from her diet though she does allow herself the odd indulgence now and again.

“I’ve been really enjoying being healthier with my food, without being on a diet. Just eating good food and being aware of what I need to nourish my body,” Jessie revealed to Health & Fitness magazine. “I’ve cut out caffeine, wheat and red meat. I did just have a pie and mash today, though but it was the first time in many, many months, I’m from East London, you see, and I’m so rarely actually in East London. “

As part of her fitness drive Jessie has also teamed up with Nike to create her own workout app. The N+TC app features over 100 workouts and is free to download.

“Having your own app is like loving make-up and then getting your own make-up line. I feel really proud of it, and I love the fact that I can share with my fans what I don’t always find easy and haven’t always enjoyed,” she smiled.

Jessie also revealed that she recently installed a home gym, even forgoing her dining room table to make room for the equipment.

“I’m taking fitness so seriously now that I’ve just bought a gym and put it in my dining room. The table’s gone to one side of the room now, and there’s a load of kit in its place. When it arrived I was on my own and I had to roll the dumbbells into the room myself,” Jessie laughed.

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