Emma 'wants Andrew to socialize more'

Emma Stone reportedly worries Andrew Garfield is the “nerdy Peter Parker type for real”.

The two stars appear in the Spider-Man franchise alongside each other and are also dating in real life. Andrew takes on the title role in the films, playing the geeky guy with a superhero alter-ego. He’s spoken extensively about struggling to fit in over the years, which is why he feels a great affinity with the character. Although Emma is happy with their romance, she would apparently like it if Andrew was more at ease in the public eye.

“Emma and Andrew are a serious couple, now deep into a three year romance and even talking about having a family together,” an insider told RadarOnline.com.

“But Andrew’s increasing social awkwardness is a big issue for Emma. It’s like life imitating art with Andrew as the nerdy Peter Parker type for real!”

Andrew has been clear that he wants to keep his personal life out of the public eye and has no intention of attending showbiz soirees just to boost his career. He is proud that he is able to play diverse characters, believing that keeping some things back from the public will aid that going forward.

However, Emma is said to be surprised by how little interest he has in the industry.

“Because Andrew doesn’t connect with Emma’s pals, they spend a lot of time in New York City with just each other and the occasional visitor from Andrew’s school days,” the source claimed. “Emma is shocked that Andrew doesn’t have a single close friend who is an actor or filmmaker.”

The couple apparently hope to be together forever, with the British actor said to be aware he might need to vary things up a little to keep his girlfriend happy.

“Andrew is very focused on keeping Emma happy but for this to become a marriage and a family, she needs him to branch out and come out of his shell a bit,” the source said.

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