Gia Coppola: Emma Roberts is a talent

Gia Coppola says Emma Roberts is “complex”.

The filmmaker is making her directorial debut with Palo Alto, a coming of age story that stars Emma, James Franco and Nat Wolff. Gia, who is the niece of renowned director Sofia Coppola, enjoyed having the 23-year-old on set.

“She’s very complex in a sense. It was great to work with her, she’s really talented,” Gia gushed to

“With Emma, she kept coming up in the conversation and I kept running into her randomly and it just felt like there was some sort of cosmic pull. I was a big fan of her work and she was super supportive and really fun to have around. So I was glad to have her as part of the project.”

James helped Gia with the screenplay for Palo Alto and as he has directed before, he was able to help her out on set.

Despite doing a lot of the hard work, Gia gives credit to the cast.

“That is 90% of the job. It was really just kind of going with my gut. When I met Nat Wolff, he just seemed to really understand the characters,” she explained.

“And even though he had not really played that sort of part before, it just seemed like he understood it more than anyone of the other kids I met and had the sort of skills to kind of go there.

“I saw him in a movie Stuck in Love and you could see he was sort of capable of going there.”

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