Doug Liman’s ‘video game characters’

Doug Liman says Edge of Tomorrow protagonists are similar to “video game characters”.

The director is currently promoting his new sci-fi feature, which sees Tom Cruise’s persona die over and over again on the battlefield after becoming caught in a time loop.

And Doug reveals gaming culture directly impacted this movie’s aesthetic.

“Edge of Tomorrow actually takes it a step further in that you actually have a character that’s immortal in the way that video game characters are, but you also get that same frustration of getting almost to the end and then, ‘Oh no, I was sent back to the beginning,'” the filmmaker told The Hollywood Reporter. “Once you take away the fact that [Cruise’s character Cage] can’t die, you suddenly get into much more interesting stakes because you’re like, ‘Ugh, I gotta start all over right from the beginning,’ and everybody can relate to that. It’s such an emotional experience.”

The film’s producer Erwin Stoff agrees with director Doug’s analysis.

He also explained why creating repetitive scenes was such a difficult task for production.

“What you would think would be easy is actually really, really difficult in terms of the nuance, getting the details and making sure that you are doing the repetition but also…making sure that it is always entertaining and that it changes enough to never be boring,” Erwin said.

Edge of Tomorrow, which also stars Emily Blunt, is released in theaters on June 6.

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