Erdem opens up about website

Erdem Moralioglu wants his new website to be both “legible” and “personal”.

The London based designer has just launched his brand’s new e-commerce site, which has been timed perfectly with the release of his Pre-Fall 14 collection.

The website allows fashion fans to enter Erdem’s world of fabrics and inspiration, as well exploring his latest collections and past achievements.

“It’s a really interesting language that was initially really foreign to me,” Erdem admitted to

“I wanted it to feel legible, like something that you could understand and navigate easily, but I also wanted it to feel personal, like there was content there that was interesting.”

He boasts an A-list clientele that includes Lea Michele, Keira Knightley and Emma Stone.

As well as his shopping his exclusive designs, Erdem’s collaborations with Vicki Sarge and his lizard-embossed pumps made by Nicholas Kirkwood are also on offer on the site.

“When it came down to whether we should open up a store or launch e-commerce, and what order to do it in, e-commerce felt like the most natural thing to do first,” he added. “It would provide a platform where we could offer something to my woman on a global level.”

It seems a standalone London store isn’t far off, although the Canadian-born designer remained coy on details.

“It’s something that we’re working on and we’re excited about it,” he teased.

To celebrate the website Erdem also had a fresh logo deigned. With the help of design firm Michael Nash, the brand label has been re-imagined.

“My name has five letters in it, and for whatever reason, putting it in caps felt so much more balanced. There was just something about the weight of it that felt really elegant and timeless. There’s something that looks quite modern about it but looks like it always existed,” Erdem smiled.

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