Jon Favreau influenced by Chef

Jon Favreau is fitting a commercial kitchen into his home after working on Chef.

The celebrated movie maker is back on cinema screens this month with his culinary feast of a movie, which he also wrote and directed.

Chef co-stars Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman and Robert Downey Jr. and tells the story of a cook who loses his top restaurant job after revealing too much on social media. He ends up starting a food truck in a bid to reclaim his career while also contending with family troubles.

“I really do [enjoy cooking more now]. I was lucky enough to work with these great chefs, I met a lot of great chefs through Roy Choi… worked with Wolfgang Puck and with David Chang and it became a hobby. I have three kids from seven to 12 and when I would train at the culinary school or work in the kitchen I would work at home too and the kids would do it with me,” Jon told British TV host Lorraine Kelly on her TV show.

“And now, even though the movie’s over, we’re putting in a whole commercial kitchen, ripping out all the old stuff and putting in a pizza oven and a flat top and stainless steel… the bug really bit me and it’s a great thing to do and it brings people together.”

As well as featuring mouthwatering dishes, the move places heavy emphasis on the use of social media and the role in can play in work situations.

While Jon is an eager tweeter himself, he didn’t know how important the micro blogging site was in the world of chefs and food.

“Twitter’s a big part of it. I didn’t realize it when I wrote it but so much of the chef culture now comes from social media. It used to be that you didn’t know who a chef was, but now through Twitter accounts or people Instagramming pictures of their food, chefs have become celebrities. They’re all most like rock stars,” he laughed.

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