Get your legs summer ready

Get your legs summer ready

After months of hiding under jeans and leggings it’s time to let your legs out! It’s a shame not to make the most of your pins in the sunshine, so ditch the maxis and any insecurities about your body, and make the most of what you’ve got.

We know that it can seem daunting when you feel pale and unprepared, but fear not – we’ve got every type of pin problem covered.

Unwanted hair

It’s annoying that heading to the beach seems to be so much more hassle for girls than it is for guys. If you want your legs to be silky smooth this summer, you need to find the hair removal option that suits you. Shaving is probably the fastest way, but be careful not to dry out your legs. Wilkinson Sword Intuition + Pomegranate Razor is moisturizing and gentle but will give you a close shave. It also has a pivoting head, so you can get around the tricky knee and ankle areas.

Ingrown hairs and flaky skin

If you can’t see it, it’s not there – that’s probably the logic you’ve been applying to your legs lately. Now’s the time to give them some much-needed TLC. If you suffer from ingrown hairs and dry skin, it’s best to exfoliate and moisturize. St. Ives’ body scrubs tackle problem skin on legs by gently removing old skin cells – go for Invigorating, or Deep Cleansing for oily skin. Then follow up with Garnier Intensive Body 7 Days, for long lasting hydration.


Of course the best way to get your legs summer ready is with a good diet and regular exercise. But if you’ve been slacking lately, don’t panic. You can have a firm word with slack skin and cellulite by using Soap & Glory’s Sit Tight™ Super-Intense 4-D lower body serum. The tri-ball application stimulates circulation and helps smooth the skin around your butt and legs. The effect is optimized while you sit, so it’s perfect for even the laziest of beach babes.

Pale skin

If your pins haven’t seen the sun in a while and you just don’t feel ready to bare, you can cheat your way to bronzed legs. Garnier’s Summerbody is applied just like moisturizer and you’ll see the tan build up slowly. This means you can still hit the swimming pool or sea without worrying about the streaks you get with self-tan.

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