Sophia Webster: I could exercise in heels

Sophia Webster

Sophia Webster thinks she could run a marathon in high-heels.

The British shoe designer has been worn by celebrities such as Lupita Nyong’o and Blake Lively and in 2013 she took home the Emerging Accessories prize at the British Fashion Awards.

Sophia isn’t a big fan of flats and thinks she could take on grueling sporting challenges in even the highest of shoes.

“At only 5ft 1in, I’ve been a big heel fan all my life – I could probably run a marathon in them,” she grinned to British magazine Stylist.

“But I once fell down a really long flight of stairs in London’s Experimental Cocktail Bar and broke both of my high-heels at the same time. I just had to get in a cab and go home!”

Sophia loves mixing up colors for her designs and says picking contrasting hues is one of her favorite parts of the job.

She’s inspired by travel, but also by strong women, such as Gwen Stefani. She named Victoria Beckham as one of her favorite designers.

“I really admire her,” she gushed. “I think to be able to totally change careers – and change people’s perceptions of you – is pretty impressive.

“It’s amazing the esteem she’s held in now. She’s completely turned it around. I absolutely love her collections but unfortunately at the moment, I can’t afford too much of it…”

Sophia and her husband Bobby Stockley are currently expecting their first child. Should it be a girl, the fashion star knows what values to instill in her.

“I think it’s important for women to not go out of their way to negatively compete with other women – people in general should be championed on their merit,” she argued.

“I think we should focus on people’s talents and not their gender. I’m always on the lookout for a fresh idea or a new perspective.”

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