Q102 and the Grand City Experiment

Grand City Experiment RotatorWe invite you to sign up for the Grand City Experiment.  A way to make our town even more inviting by getting to know others, sharing experiences and building community together. How it works….starting October 1st,  you’ll get a daily challenge e-mailed to you.  Complete the challenge and share the experience on social media.  It’s a way to make Cincinnati even more inviting!  Sign up here!

Sample challenges: 

Ask someone about THEIR story.

Meet new people. Find a stranger and give them a compliment.

The next time you’re waiting in line, take the opportunity to introduce yourself to the person Is there someone at work you see every day but don’t know much about? Change that – invite them to lunch, coffee or ice cream.

Join Q102 and the Grand City Experiment in making our community stronger!