I’m loving the True Goodness™ by Meijer™

When it comes to meal planning and cooking, one thing I wish I didn’t have to worry about was the quality of ingredients I use. I mean, shouldn’t nutritious food be just that – good for you?

Not only do I want my growing kids to eat food made from clean ingredients, but it’s also important for my health, too! We put ourselves through enough stress throughout the week that worrying about the harm that artificial flavors, colors and preservatives can cause shouldn’t be a part of a relaxing dinner together.

That’s why I’ve been loving the True Goodness™ by Meijer™ line of products. Meijer’s taken all the uncertainty of organic versus natural versus no added this or that, and simplified it into a line of foods that includes, in their words, “nothing but goodness.” And it’s true – I can pick up an item and understand all the ingredients on the food label!

The brand combines the Meijer Naturals and Meijer Organics product lines under one label and offers a wide variety of clean label and organic products, from milk and eggs to snacks and juices. And they’re all free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Plus, there are hundreds more great products coming soon.

These healthy, clean, organic items are the same quality you’d find in a health food store, but because they’re from Meijer, I’m getting this outstanding quality at low prices – something I didn’t think was even possible!

Meals that are easy, affordable and healthy – Meijer helps with it all! Find great recipe ideas and more info at Meijer.com/truegoodness.