January is a great month to start getting your body bikini ready with Dr. Somi Javaid.

ultra January is a great month to start getting your body bikini ready. Stop by their office and learn more about the most talked about procedure to help get rid of those extra inches. Call today to book your appointment! 513-404-4166. A full service gynecologic practice offering aesthetic services as well.
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Both UltraShape® and CoolSculpting are non-invasive, FDA approved and effective at completely destroying fat cells. Although both are permanent, visible results are faster with UltraShape®.
Ultrashape® has a 94% Worth It Rating on realself.com, while CoolSculpting has a 72% rating
There is no risk of nerve damage with Ultrashape® and Velashape®.
Ultrashape® and Velashape® are truly painless.
Ultrashape® contours without depending on the size and shape of the applicator so each result is tailored to your unique body. This means you achieve smoother, more even contouring, which is more similar to natural weight loss.
You can get an UltraShape® treatment ~and~ a VelaShape® treatment in the same amount of time it takes for 1 (one) CoolSculpting session.
CoolSculpting does not treat loose skin. The Ultrashape® and Velashape® combination treatment destroys fat cells permanently ~and~ tightens loose skin.  www.drsomijavaid.com