Who Dey Housewives Season 2


You cheer for your favorite Bengals players at Paul Brown Stadium, but these women support ’em at home. It’s back for a second season, Who Dey Housewives!!

Get a look at what happens at home, with “Who Dey Housewives” with Mollie Watson. img_5181

Every week Mollie is joined by her Co- Host Melissa Whitworth, wife of #77 Andrew Whitworth, and other Bengal wives.

Episode 1: September 14 – Find out what the Whitworth’s did during the off season and what crazy text Melissa’s mom sends the family!

Episode 2: September 21 – Find out what the Zeitler’s did in the off season, what crazy texts Melissa’s mom has sent the family this week and what the girls think of the Brangelina breakup!

Episode 3: Septmeber 28– Week 3 and we have a brand new game for the ladies! Spill It or Spike it – Truth or Dare Bengals style! Can they handle the truth or will the girls draw a dare from the Spike it jar!

Episode 4: October 5 – A new week and we have some new Housewives! Sara Zeitler is back and she has brought with her Jaime Johnson and Kirsten Geiger! Find out what the girls and their men did after the Thursday Night Football win against the Miami Dolphins and with their Sunday off! During this weeks Spill it or Spike it, who dished out the secrets and who took a dare from the Spike it Jar?

Episode 5: October 19 – Melissa Whitworth is back and she has Kelly Boling with her! The girls were really excited about playing Spill It Or Spike it! Find out what Melissa has to do as a dare that involves the Steelers and who does Kelly think has the best butt on the team?

Episode 6: October 26 – It is a full house for this edition of Who Dey Housewives! Melissa Whitworth, Sara Zeitler and Kirsten Geiger are all back! Krista THE Whitworth’s nanny makes her long awaited return the show as well.

Episode 7 : November 2 – BYE week. The Bengals are resting up after their trip to London and so are the wives! Who Dey Housewives will be back next week!

Episode 8: November 17 – The girls are back after a little break. Melissa Whitworth and Mindi Huber share secrets from the Jungle……Find out what guilty pleasure is on Andrew’s Ipod and what not so manly thing Kevin is all about.

Episode 9 : November 24 – With the kids and hubby’s in turkey induced sleep, the Who Dey Housewives are sharing what they are most thankful this year.

Episode 10: December 1 – This week we are talking Babies in the Jungle. Melissa shares her baby must haves and myths!

Episode 11: December 15 – Time for the WHO DEY list. Just a few things the girls love to give as gifts, what their hubbies want and what they love getting too! Don’t forget about the worst gifts that they or someone they know has been given!

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