Who Dey Housewives Season 2 – Episode 4

This week on Who Dey Housewives……

A new week brings a few new faces to #WDHW. Sara Zeitler is back but this week she has Jaime Johnson, wife of #60 T.J. Johnson, and Kirsten Geiger, girlfriend of #53 Marquis Flowers.


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How did the girls and their guys celebrate the Thursday Night Football win and spend their Sunday off? Find out:


Spill It or Spike It! Who spilled some secrets and who took a dare from the Spike It Jar? Find out:


A Saturday night with no stress? What is that?! #lovethisguy #weekend

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ENews! Who does Britney Spears want to make out with , what singer is taking a break from the industry, and what do the girls think about the Kim Kanye West jewelry heist? Find Out:


What 7 passive aggressive techniques do women use when they are mad at their significant other? Which ones can the Who Dey Housewives relate to? Find out:


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