Who Dey Housewives Season 2 – Episode 6

This week on Who Dey Housewives ……



Melissa Whitworth, Sara Zeitler and Kirsten Geiger are back along with Krista THE Whitworth’s nanny.



What did Justin Timberlake do that has him in some potential hot water? Just how much does the Victoria Secret’s Fantasy Bra cost this year?….would any of the girls by it? Find out as the girls talk E -News:



Who is Melissa’s celebrity crush? What player is Krista’s “Bengal Boyfriend”? What habit of Kirsten’s boyfriend, Marquis Flowers, annoys her the most? What was the last text that Kevin Zeiter sent Sara? Find out as the girls play Spill it or Spike it:

It is time to rock the vote again…..for the Pro Bowl that is! Pro Bowl voting has started!! Click here to cast your ballot for your Cincinnati Bengals.  And listen below as Melissa and Sara talk more about just why the Bengals players deserve to be in it!