Who Dey Housewives Season 2 – Episode 8

This week on Who Dey Housewives…..



After a little hiatus the girls are back and ready to dish on their men! Melissa Whitworth and Mindi Huber reveal Secrets from the Jungle. But it is not fair to let the girls spill all the secrets, Kevin Huber has given us a few secrets about his new bride.



What unmanly thing does Kevin enjoy doing? What weird conversations do Melissa and Andrew have? And what can Mindi not sleep without?




Find out what secrets Krista, the Whitworth’s nanny, had to reveal about Andrew and Melissa.


One of the staples in the Whitworth’s household every year at Thanksgiving is Melissa’s grandmothers Pecan Pie. Mel treated us to the DELICIOUS pie! Listen to Melissa give a few extra secrets to making the pie and check out the recipe below.






Time to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip with the girls and E-News . Find out who was voted People Magazine’s sexist man alive, is Taylor Swift switching genres again and more !


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