Who Dey Housewives Season 2 – Episode 10

This week on Who Dey Housewives…..



It is Babies in the Jungle!



Since Fritsch from the Jeff & Jenn Morning show announced that she has a bun in the oven it has been baby fever at Q102. 15230753_1347504331935499_4197916418282614921_n

Melissa Whitworth, wife of #77 Andrew Whitworth, shared her wisdom from having 4 kids.









Melissa starts us off with her “must haves”

Must haves:

1.) miracle blanket

2.) sound machine

3.) nap nanny

4.) baby bijorn travel crib

5.) baby sense 5 monitor (angle care at target are cheaper)

6.) no bumpers and 2-3 extra crib sheets

7.) wipe warmer

8.) stand alone bathtub (at target) fits in sink

9.) small fridge for pumped milk during the night

10.) dr browns bottles

11.) gowns gowns and more gowns

12.) Aden & Anais burp rags that dub as bibs

13.) books 12 hrs sleep by 12 weeks old and baby wise

14.) large ottoman in nursery

Listen to Melissa describe the items  and how helpful they have been to her :


Now there are so many dos and don’t out there about babies – Here are Melissa’s Myths




1.) never wake a sleeping baby

2.) keep everything quiet

3.) babies can’t learn a schedule until after 3-4 months

4.) don’t let them cry

5.) don’t give bath every night

6.) keep the room warm

Listen to Melissa talk about why she has found each to be a myth:


And for some fun we couldn’t forget about E News! Find out what celebrity is pregnant, what does ‘Time’  magazine say is the worst song of 2016??:



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