Mom vs. Dude Movie Reviews: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Two perspectives. One Movie.


Jenn and Tim went to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

This is a very different Star Wars movie. Of course I loved it. But I didn’t leave the theater with the same feeling of “wow” that I usually do. This is a heavy movie. It was intense. It was sad. The story takes place between Episodes III and IV. The only Jedi alive are in hiding and Luke is living on a farm completely unaware of his powers. So there are no Jedi or light saber fights in this one. We see a few flashes of familiar faces but for the most part they’re all new characters. I grew to like all of them pretty quickly and I was really rooting for them. As always, I was hoping for a romance to blossom. I was also hoping to get some answers to the burning questions I had about who Rey’s parents are and why they left her. I got some of what I was looking for…but not all. Here’s the thing…Star Wars fans will like the movie. It’s nice to know the details about how the Alliance got the plans to the Death Star. I think the next time I watch A New Hope, I’ll feel the weight of what the rebels did to save the galaxy. I’m not sure if people who aren’t already big fans will feel the same. I think they may feel it’s slow, it takes awhile before there’s any real action and there’s a lot of talking. It’s story story story. And I don’t know how much the younger kids will enjoy it. For all the same reasons, they may get bored. It’s heady material. And this one really feels more like a war movie than the easier-to-explain good versus evil flick. I will see it again. I will take Jakob because he says he wants to go. We’ll see if he stays awake or is constantly looking at my phone to see how much longer he has to sit there. But that may be it. This isn’t a see-it-20-times-in-the-theater movie for me. It’s just too sad.


I had to ask Jenn a bunch of questions about WHERE this Rogue One movie fits into the Star Wars lineup.  I think it’s between 3 and 4.  It’s a sub story sort of thing. There are lots of new characters, droids, planets, and spacecrafts which is good, because you need something to look at to keep your attention in this super slow paced movie.  I dozed off a few times and didn’t miss anything important to the plot.

We meet the man who invented and/or designed the Death Star.  He was a bad guy with morals, so he designs it with a secret way to destroy it.  Something only his daughter knows and she helps pass that information along. We also get some history on the Alliance and the Evil Empire.  There were also some scenes that included characters we already have met in previous movies.  It was weird to see them digitally created.  Kind of creepy, even.

This movie is about sacrifice.  I had hoped for a little more adventure, but ended up being a tad bit bored.  It was still a solid movie, I’m glad I saw it, but not even close to last years Force Awakens.