Q102 Sisters Making History

Q102 is celebrating Women’s History Month!  It’s Sisters Making History presented by Pure Romance. All month long, Jenn, Fritsch, Holly, Laura, Mollie, and Toria will be talking about amazing sisters making history, including one sister in on our own backyard….

It all started after watching an episode of the Phil Donohue talk show featuring women selling their own products, when this Sister Making History thought, “I could do that.” As a single mom of four, even though she had never even seen these types of products before, she took a leap of faith to support her family. She started her business in her basement and invited 10 friends to the first party.  When forty showed up, she knew she was on to something. Since then, she’s made over 200 million in sales and she’s inspired nearly two hundred thousand women to become their own boss. Her and her line of intimacy products have been featured in the New York Times, Forbes Magazine and CNN. Through her foundation she encourages, empowers and educates women to live with poise, flair and purpose. She is the founder of Pure Romance, Cincinnati’s own Patty Brisben.